Adventure trip on 4×4 and Side by Sides in Tuscany, Sardina, Greece, Croatia, Utah, Morocco and Kyrgyzstan

Driving your or our 4×4 to discover the beauties of the nature and to taste the typical food


We are proud to travel in 4×4 and Side by Sides to see magic places in Italy and in the world

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          11 - 13 April 2020Easter 4x4 Tour SardiniaTour 4x4
          30 May - 2 June 20204x4 Tour Monte San VicinoUmbriaTour 4x4
          20 - 21 June 2020Vintage Off RoadSalò (BS)Tour Vintage
          17 - 23 August 2020Annibale Adventure 4x4 Tour From Alps to TuscanyTour 4x4 e SUV
          12 - 13 September 20204x4 Tour on AlpsEast AlpsTour 4x4 e SUV
          31 October - 2 November 2020Halloween 4x4 TourAltopiano dei 7 comuniTour 4x4
          5 - 6 December 20204x4 Tour in GarfagnanaGarfagnanaTour 4x4
          30 December 2020 - 3 January 2021New Year 4x4 Tour Sardinia and CorsicaTour 4x4

          WHO ARE WE?

          Tour 4×4 is an idea of drivEvent Adventure. After many years around the world, Rudy and his staff, decided to discover new places on off road

          Tour 4×4 organizes 4×4 and Side by Sides trips where everyday you can live wonderful emotions thanks to the beauty of the nature.

          The 4×4 and Side by Sides trips are a perfect mix between Adventure, Fun, Nature, Culture, good Food and Relax. Each day includes off road driving and a lot of time to visit the best places met during the trip.

          4×4 and Side by Sides Tour are for everybody: families with children, friends, teenagers and adults who want a new kind of holiday, surrounded by nature.

          The off road trips are perfect for Incentive or Team Building. All the programs and the destinations can be personalized as you want.


          From June to September, Tour4x4 organizes trips in Tuscany, on the Alps and in the Dolomites. Wild landscapes close to charming villages and rich of history

          Discover our destinations
          “Each trip is a part of experience that enriches us and opens our mind. The return is only the approach to the next departure”